Midwives Conference 2021 Agenda

Kenya Midwives 2021 Conference Agenda

MAK Announces 6th Annual MSC 2021

Annual Midwives Scientific Conference 2021 now open for registration The Midwives Association of Kenya (MAK) is pleased to announce the 6th Annual Midwives Scientific Conference 2021. The event will be hosted by MAK’s Western Kenya team, led by Kakamega Branch. It will be held at the Golf Hotel, Kakamega, from 7th to 9th December 2021.…

Madam Louisa Muteti, MAK Chair, Rests

Gallant, committed and selfless voice of midwifery in Kenya has passed on; midwifery fraternity in mourning. VIEW GALLERY It is with profound sorrow that we, The Midwives Association of Kenya (MAK), inform you of the passing on of our illustrious Founder Chairlady, Rose Syowia Louisa Muteti. Madam Muteti steered the formation of MAK in 2016…


Welcome to the Midwives Association of Kenya

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Every woman and every newborn to have quality midwifery care.



To advocate for midwifery as an autonomous profession.

To strengthen the midwifery profession for quality care.

To promote midwifery as the standard of care for childbearing families.